Mango Kalmi

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Mango Kalmi

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Its reddish color at the top has entitled this variety with the name of Sindoora. Extremely juicy and pulpy, this mango is one of the tastiest mangoes one can ever have.


High in Antioxidants.May Boost Immunity.May Support Heart Health.May Improve Hair and Skin Health.

Nutritional Facts

Here's an overview of mango, its nutrition, benefits and some tips on how to enjoy it.Packed With Nutrients.


The Controlled Atmosphere storage of mangoes inhibits ripening by reducing the respiration rate and the ethylene production. The optimum for CA mango storage is 3 – 7% O2 and 5 – 8% CO2 . Depending on the variety and stage of ripeness, mangoes can be stored 3 – 6 weeks in CA at 13°C ( 2 – 4 weeks in ordinary cooling).