Tamarind (Thailand)

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Tamarind (Thailand)

About The Product

The Thailand Tamarind by Dry Fruit Hub is delicious and appetizing. This exotic-looking fruit has a pod-like shape and is often curved. The ripe meat is normally eaten straight from the pod, as a snack.


Sweet tamarind has been always an integral part of traditional medicine for many centuries. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the intake of meethi imli for combating digestive issues like abdominal pain,diarrhoea, constipation healing of wounds, swelling and for fighting certain parasitic and bacterial infections.

Nutritional Facts

Rich source of Vitamin C, Contains Fibre,Vitamin K, Vitamin B1 .Sweet tamarind can help manage glucose levels and relieve digestive disorders.


To maintain freshness, store in a cool and dry place.