Banana Raw

Banana Raw

About The Product

Raw bananas/ Plantains belong to the banana family but tend to be firmer and cannot be eaten raw. They require cooking and are used when green or under ripe.


Green bananas are a great source of fiber which has a crucial role in promoting digestive health and heart health. Green bananas have dietary fiber which takes long time to digest and induce the feeling of fullness and satiety. It helps to fulfill the cravings.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritionists say that green bananas are high in fiber and are helpful for people with digestive and bowel problems. It is helpful for people suffering from constipation and IBS. It has potassium which acts as vasodilator. Potassium regulates the level of blood pressure. Green bananas have high content of protopectin which gives off methylene gas and convert starch into digestible fiber.


Store in refrigerated conditions in a zip lock bag. Cooked and mashed raw banana can be kept in an air tight container for upto 2 days under refrigeration.